Skytron Is My First Choice

Since I first started to rebuild and refurbish used surgical lights and used surgical tables in 1993, I have had the chance to compare several different brands and Skytron always seems to be my first choice when selecting a surgical lighting system for resale. When looking for surgical equipment, one should consider four basic areas of concern; design, quality, service, and whether the product is user friendly.

Skytron surgical products are primarily of Japanese design, where the Lean Manufacturing concept has been applied. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy which promotes preserving value with less work, higher efficiency, decreasing waste, yet creating a production system and quality product which run smoothly, and systematically day after day.

Unfortunately, for many healthcare facilities this long term approach to a high quality, simplified design is overlooked, and as a result the facility will see more down-time in the operating room and added maintenance expense with a competitors’ product. Fair warning, some of these companies would rather sell you a lower quality product which is more complex and difficult to service, because they see a greater value in the service they provide.

When your facility is reviewing new or used surgical tables or surgical lighting systems, ask your sales representative to show you and your biomedical department copies of their installation, operator, parts and maintenance manuals. You will be amazed at how simple, smooth, and less time consuming it is to service and order parts quickly from a company where the manuals are clear and concise.

Whether you purchase pre-owned, refurbished or rebuilt medical equipment from us or not, Northern Scientific, Inc. has a rebuild process for surgical tables on its website for your review. Feel free to use this information as a guide when you're looking to make a used equipment purchase. Hopefully, this information will help you make a long term relationship with a quality vendor.

Thank you for your time,