Wanted Used Medical Equipment

We Buy Used Medical Equipment

If you or your facility is interested in selling any of your medical equipment now or in the future, you have come in contact with the right company. Northern Scientific has the resources to purchase a single item or an entire facility. Simply email or fax a list of the item(s) for sale to Northern Scientific at (952) 746-3314. Please call Kurt 800-669-9568 for our email. Thank you for your time.

Used Skytron Surgical Table Wanted

Skytron 1602
Skytron 3000
Skytron 3002
Skytron 3003
Skytron 3100A
Skytron 3500
Skytron 3500B
Skytron 3501

Skytron 3501C
Skytron 3502
Skytron 3600B
Skytron 3602
Skytron 6001N
Skytron 6002
Skytron 6302
Skytron 6500N

Skytron 6500NB
Skytron 6500HD
Skytron 6600
Skytron 6600B
Skytron 6700B
Skytron 6701
Skytron 6702

Mizuho OSI Tables Wanted

Jackson 5803 base with spine and imaging tops



Used Surgical Lights Wanted

Aurora 4 AUA variable focus LED
Stellar XL variable focus LED

Aurora 3 AUT variable focus LED
Nautilus fixed focus LED

Aurora 2 AUR variable focus LED
Stellar ST Halogen