Wanted Used Skytron Surgical Tables & Lights

Used Skytron Surgical Tables

The operating table is an essential part of any successful surgical procedure. Today, various types of used medical equipment are available for use in specialized procedures as well as catering to basic operating requirements. The most important function of the surgical table is to keep the patient in the best position possible for the particular surgical procedure and to allow the surgeon to make any necessary adjustment during the procedure without interfering with the operation. The used surgical table market can be subdivided into general surgery and specialty surgery tables. General surgery tables include acute care, ambulatory care and bariatric tables, while specialty surgery tables include orthopedic, ortho/spine and image-guided surgery tables.

Used SKYTRON Surgical Tables Wanted

Skytron 1602 Essentia
Skytron 3000 Impulse
Skytron 3002 Impulse
Skytron 3003 Impulse
Skytron 3008 Impulse
Skytron 3501 EZ Slide
Skytron 3501C EZ Slide
Skytron 3502 EZ Slide
Skytron 3503 EZ Slide
Skytron 3600B UltraSlide

Skytron 3500
Skytron 3602 UltraSlide
Skytron 3603 UltraSlide
Skytron Elite 6300
Skytron Elite 6302
Skytron 6600
Skytron 6600B
Skytron 6700B Hercules
Skytron 6701 Hercules
Skytron 6702 Hercules

Used SKYTRON Surgical Lights Wanted

Skytron Aurora 4 AUA Variable Focus
Skytron Aurora 3 AUT Variable Focus
Skytron Stellar XL Variable Focus