Rebuilt Skytron Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights & Parts

Skytron Surgical Tables
Skytron 6001 Skytron 6002 Skytron 6500
Skytron 6500HD Hercules Skytron 6600 Skytron 6700B
Skytron 3000 Skytron 3002 Skytron 3100A
Skytron 3500 Skytron 3500B Skytron 3600B
Skytron 6701 Skytron 6300 Skytron 3501C
Skytron 3501 Skytron 3003 Skytron 3602
Skytron 3502 Skytron 6702 Skytron 6302
Skytron Surgical Lights
Skytron Aurora 2 AUR Skytron Aurora LED Skytron Stellar
Skytron Nautilus NL Skytron Aurora 3 AUT  
Parts for Skytron
O-rings Casters
Phenolic X-ray Top Sets (Black) Phenolic Table Top Sets (Black)

At Northern Scientific, we specialize in rebuilding used Skytron surgical tables and used surgical lighting systems. All of our rebuilt equipment comes with a 12 month warranty. Our specialty is remanufacturing quality used Skytron equipment. We also purchase previously-owned Skytron surgical equipment.

We Specialize in Buying and Selling Quality Pre-Owned Surgical Equipment

Northern Scientific is a nationally renowned used medical equipment dealer offering high quality rebuilt medical equipment and a remanufacturer of Skytron surgical tables and surgical lights. If you're looking to trade-in or upgrade your used operating room equipment, contact Northern Scientific today. We also offer medical equipment remanufacturing, an excellent way to save money on a tight budget. Remember, the next time you're thinking about