Warranty Information

Surgical Tables and Surgical Lighting Warranty
Northern Scientific guarantees its rebuilt surgical tables and surgical lights to be free of defects 365 days from the date of purchase. Should a problem present itself, there will be no charge for parts, labor, or shipping cost to correct defects. Equipment that has been misused by the customer is not covered by the warranty. An extended warranty is available upon request.

Lamps and Expendable Items Warranty
Northern Scientific warrants only that such parts will be in working order at the time of purchase.

General 90 Day Warranty
To ensure that you receive the equipment you need and that it functions adequately in your facility, Northern Scientific gives a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all products it sells, unless stated up front and in writing by Northern Scientific. This warranty is given in place of all other warranties - expressed or implied. No verbal statement shall constitute a warranty by Northern Scientific or give rise to any liability or obligation of Northern Scientific. Northern Scientific will repair or replace any item that is returned within the warranty period. Returned equipment must have the following information sent along with the product: a letter stating the problem, serial number of the product, purchase date and the name and phone number of your facility's contact person.